Boland Toilets hires and sells portable toilets for any occasion.

We also offer the following additional services.

Portable Toilet Delivery

Boland Toilets’ mission is to deliver anywhere, any time in the Western Cape. Our fleet is well maintained for speedy delivery to your door, and we take great pride in our fast delivery times.

‘Not possible’ does not exist in our vocabulary – we can and we will! We work on specific routes on specific days, which enables us to offer our clients delivery without the extreme transport costs you might expect.

Portable Toilet Collection

The last thing anyone wants is a portable toilet standing around on your premises long after it’s no longer needed.

Boland Toilets off-hires rental toilets immediately upon receipt of the request from the client, and we ensure that toilets have been removed from your site on the dates specified in the rental agreement.

Portable Toilet Cleaning

Boland Toilets’ well-trained staff members use high pressure cleaners on trucks to clean our portable toilet rentals, and our team also services client-owned toilets on request.

Regular spot checks are performed to ensure the standard of cleaning remains high. Toilet cleaning can be scheduled with the client if required, and clients will be notified before any spot checks are done.

Soap replacements

Deluxe and executive portable toilet units are stocked with liquid soap at set-up, and soap is usually replaced once a week when the toilet is scheduled to be serviced.

Clients can also request additional times for Boland Toilets to replace soap as often as is required – there is no limit on how often soap can be replaced.

Please note that this service is only available for portable toilets with soap dispensers.

Toilet Chemicals

There are two options available for toilet chemicals – formaldehyde or formaldehyde-free – and a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available upon request for both options, which includes basic first aid information in the case of chemicals making contact with eyes or skin, or being swallowed or inhaled.

When using chemicals, Boland Toilets meets all health and safety requirements, and the maximum dosage allowed is used with each service for best results and odour control.

Since this is the core of our business, we do not compromise by using cheaper brand chemicals – only the best is good enough for our clients.

Septic Tank Pump-Out

Failure to pump out a septic tank often enough can lead to an early drainfield failure and costly repair, so it’s advisable to have this done regularly.

Boland Toilets is constantly upgrading the pump-out trucks for fast, efficient service, and our well-trained staff members provide expert service for septic tank pump-out, with no spillages.

We are also compliant with all regulations regarding transportation and dumping, leaving you with nothing to worry about when it comes to the septic tank.

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