Boland Toilets offers a wide range of luxury toilets suitable for any type of event you can think of.

Our disabled units are fully compliant with ADA regulations, and our shower cubicles are perfect for sports functions.

Please see below for a list of our products suitable for events, and details of each:

VIP Trailer

The affordable VIP trailer is ideal for events, festivals and weddings, and can be transported by you if you would like.

The VIP trailer consists of two spacious imported units on a trailer (polyjohns), and has flush toilets and hand wash basins.

  • Compact, lightweight and sturdy design
  • Foot operated flushing system
  • White colour providing a greater sense of cleanliness
  • Translucent roof and anti-slip floors
  • LED lights
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Kros Urinals

During events, sports functions, fun fairs, concerts and open days, even amidst all the excitement, you cannot miss a Kros Urinal, as its open-plan to deter inappropriate behaviour.

Each Kros Urinal can be used by four men simultaneously, and there are partitions to ensure each has enough privacy. This unit has an integrated tank with a 450-litre volume, is easy to transport and simple to maintain and clean.

It can be installed anywhere, but is usually used as a mobile urinal, as it is also easy to empty using trucks owned by toilet hire companies.

  • Winning design is the essence of simplicity
  • Ample separation and privacy
  • Fencing available for Kros Urinals
  • To remedy the unpleasant experience of waiting on long lines at events
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Bush Urinal

The bush urinal is one of a kind, the unique brainchild of Boland Toilets. Perfect for big events, this urinal is just the thing for men’s functions and sports events.

Partitioned off from events, the urinals are still private, while being out in the open.

  • Fully Fenced
  • Ideal for all fests
  • Economical
  • Shape is versatile
  • Easy installed
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Deluxe Unit

The deluxe unit is a self-containing luxury toilet trailer, ideal for corporate events, weddings and large functions.

This unit boasts two toilet cubicles, each with its own entrance, porcelain toilets, hand towel and soap dispensers, hand wash basins and lights.

  • Self-contained
  • Porcelain toilet & hand wash basins
  • Soap & hand towel dispensers
  • Interior lights
  • Optional janitor services
  • Luxury 2 ply toilet paper
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Executive Trailer

With its stylish interior and superb finish and quality, the executive trailer is ideal for upper class functions. A janitor is always included with the hire of an executive trailer, and no main power is required to run its lights.

Each executive trailer offers two ladies’ toilets, one men’s toilet and two urinals, along with sensor taps and separate entrance doors to cloak rooms. To ensure a pleasant experience, each unit also has air conditioners and background music.

  • Ultimate in our luxury range
  • DVD player for soft back ground music
  • 2 x air conditioners
  • Self-contained
  • Janitor always included with the Executive unit
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Special Needs/Wheelchair-Friendly Trailer

This state of the art special needs trailer is wheelchair-friendly, with a 5-metre ramp and hand rails that are in full compliance with ADA regulations.

This trailer is suitable for any physically challenged individual, and there is no need for water or electrical connections.

  • Support Bars
  • Porcelain toilet & hand wash basin
  • Spacious
  • For all events
  • Superb ventilation
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Disabled Toilets

This unit is fully compliant with ADA regulations, and can be used with ease by both visually and physically impaired patrons.

  • Easy access and use for disabled persons
  • Room for wheelchairs
  • Floor level (no steps)
  • Sturdy design
  • Great ventilation
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Men’s Room

Ideal for festivals and functions, this trailer consists of four urinals and one hand wash basin.

  • Porcelain urinals & hand wash basin
  • Ideal for all events
  • Self-contained
  • 2 Door entrance
  • To reduce queues at events
  • Interior light
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The affordable Polyjohn flush toilet is suitable for all types of events, with LED lights and a hand wash basin with working foot pumps.

  • Modern and spacious
  • Foot pump flushing system for optimal hygiene
  • Hand wash basin
  • LED Lights
  • Unique ventilation system
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2-Berth & 4-Berth Shower

Perfect for any event or function, this luxury unit offers two or four shower cubicles on a trailer and uses gas to heat the water. Water connections are required.

  • Full gas cylinders supplied on delivery
  • Ideal for all events
  • Interior lights
  • Modern design with white finish
  • Uses gas to heat the water
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